Why Choose IPL Over Other Hair Removal Methods?

Laser hair removal offers a number of benefits when compared to traditional hair removal technologies such as electrolysis, shaving, and waxing. When compared to electrolysis, both methods can effectively remove 100 percent of the hair from a targeted area; however, studies have concluded that laser hair removal is up to 60 times faster, more reliable and less painful than electrolysis.

It also has a longer-lasting impact than shaving and waxing can afford. Shaving has been around for 300 years and waxing can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, but neither option can offer lasting results. With shaving, the hair will grow back after only a few days and waxing requires painful monthly appointments at the beauty salon. Laser hair removal saves you time as your appointment can be scheduled in advance and you won't be required to keep coming back.

Additionally, IPL laser hair removal can be selectively absorbed by the targeted area, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. This ensures that there is no chance of chemical burns, ingrown hairs, irritation, skin lifting or tearing. Other hair removal methods cannot achieve similar pain-free results and are often the cause of significant discomfort after the hair is removed. 

Furthermore, for people who struggle with ingrown hairs, IPL treatments can offer some relief. This is because IPL can prevent ingrown hairs from occurring in the first place as the treatment encourages hair follicles to grow straight and destroys the hair follicles that may not be growing properly. 

Perhaps the biggest concern from most people about choosing IPL is the cost. While laser hair removal may mean more money upfront, it will actually cost less in the long-term. Laser hair treatments result in thinner hair regrowth, which can eventually lead to the elimination of hair growth altogether. Thinner hair regrowth can be a significant advantage for men with thick body hair that they feel is growing out of control or for women who don’t want to shave or wax frequently. Therefore, IPL will save you both time and money. Once the desired hair growth is achieved, treatment can stop and you will never have to shave or wax again!